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10 Things to Know about the Business of Bars

  1. As of 2018, there are 65,887 bar and nightclub establishments in the United States.
  2. On average, a bar brings in a revenue of $25,000 to $30,000 a week.
  3. Sales in the sector of bars and nightclubs in the United States have grown to $26 billion.
  4. The bar and nightclub industry sector has an annual growth rate of 2.1%.
  5. There are 405,168 people employed in the bar and nightclub industry in the United States.
  6. According to IBISWorld’s 250 Key Success Factors for a business, the most important factors for bars is having a loyal customer base, the ability to quickly adopt new technology, and the ability to control stock on hand.
  7. The financial status of the bar and nightclub industry is projected to remain relatively the same in the future as per capita alcohol consumption has remained relatively stagnant.
  8. The industry is rather fragmented due to new bar and nightclub operators working to attract new demographics and separate their bars from others, with concepts such as wine bars, cocktail lounges, and brewpubs.
  9. New Orleans is the city in America with the most bars.
  10. The bar and nightclub industry in the United States brings in $710 billion in food and drink sales, 42% of which is sales of beer and ale, 30.6% of which is sales of spirit drinks, and 10% of which is sales of wine.
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