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10 Things to Know about the Coffee Business

  1. Coffee is the second most sought-after commodity in the world, after crude oil, worth over $100 billion worldwide.
  2. According to Mintel research, as of 2015, there are 31,490 coffee shops in the United States.
  3. There are at least 52 coffee restaurant chains in the United States, with the largest being Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts.
  4. Less than 10,000 of the coffee shops in the United States are independent coffee shops.
  5. Coffee shops average sales of 250 cups a day, equaling an estimated annual revenue of at least $215,000.
  6. 500 billion cups of coffee are drunk every year across the world.
  7. Coffee shops are the fastest growing niche in the restaurant business, with a 7% annual growth rate. Starbucks is not just the largest coffee chain in the United States, but also the 3rd largest restaurant chain in the United States.
  8. While 90% of the world’s coffee production takes place in developing countries, majorly Brazil, Vietnam and Columbia, its consumption mostly takes place in the industrialized nations.
  9. “Fair trade” coffee was installed to provide better conditions and more profit for coffee growers, and it is the most popular fair trade commodity in the world.
  10. Included in a Forbes list of the secrets to a successful coffee shop are to only serve high quality coffee, make the workstation layout facilitate high volume coffee production, utilize loyalty cards, show a true understanding of why you are selling coffee to your customers and be passionate about the coffee and the people.
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