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6 of the Top Sales Training Firms in Chicago

  1. Janek Performance Group has been consecutively ranked as a Top 20 company in 2017 and 2018 by the Training Industry as well as being ranked as a SellingPower Top 20 training company every year since 2014. They offer services in sales training, sales coaching, sales consulting, talent assessment and selection, public sales workshops, and live online sales training.  Janek Performance Group has a revenue of $7.05 million and has nearly 65 employees, they are based in Las Vegas, Nevada.
  2. Richardson is a global sales training company that focuses on improving long-term customer relationships and increasing revenue of businesses. They have trained over 200 million individuals and offer their services in 50 countries and 23 different languages. Richardson has a revenue of $34.68 million and employs 155 workers, they are based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
  3. AMA – American Management Association is a non-profit that offers sales training in over 25 different subjects, both online and in person. They also offer services for individuals, enterprises, and government agencies. Some of their major clients include Mitsubishi and Siemens. Using their Talent Management Model, the American Management Association helps grow a company from the bottom up.
  4. Imparta offers sales training in many different industries including but not limited to engineering, healthcare, and professional services. Their programs are customizable for the business that is seeking their services, a unique feature of the company. Imparta has headquarters on three different continents as they continue to grow. They have a revenue of $11.3 million and are based in London, UK.
  5. Dale Carnegie Training offers training in many specific areas related to sales, including people skills, presentation, leadership, general sales training, and organization training. They offer lessons in person and live online as well as custom training for companies and for the government. Their company culture includes three principles to live by: become a friendlier person, win people to your way of thinking and be a leader. Dale Carnegie Training has a revenue of $11.85 million and has nearly 2,700 training staff at their service, they are based in Hauppauge, New York.
  6. Sandler Training is a global training company that has a network of 250 local offices in over 25 countries, which allows them to expand their market and train large companies as well as smaller ones. The company also publishes books and articles, one of them called LinkedIn the Sandler Way which teaches users how to take advantage of the professional social network LinkedIn and use the website to its fullest. Sandler Training has an estimated revenue of $50 million and is based in Owing Hills, Maryland.
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