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5 Things to Know about the Biggest Coffee Company CEOs

Coffee is the most popular beverage in the world. The world consumes over 2.25 billion cups of coffee a day, making it one of the world’s most valued commodities. Here are the people with the brains behind the sales that feed into the world’s unquenchable thirst.


  1. Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson – He served as COO before Howard Schultz stepped down from his CEO position for Johnson to fill his “venti-sized shoes.” As COO, Johnson played a large role in the creation of Starbucks’ loyalty program and mobile rewards app as a major revenue source for the company. The app accounts for ¼ of the coffee giant’s sales.
  2. Dunkin’ Donuts CEO Nigel Travis – Prior to taking over as CEO, East London native Nigel Travis had only stepped foot inside a Dunkin’ Donuts three times. He also relied on his people skills to get himself the job, as he didn’t even have an MBA. He used his fresh view of the company to his advantage to improve its standards. He has implemented new retail technology like Dunkin’ Donuts’ mobile app and its “”DD Perks Rewards Program” and helped the company open almost 3,300 new stores.
  3. Tim Hortons CEO Marc Caira – Marc Caira has overseen the recent $12.5 billion purchase of Tim Hortons by Burger King. He will remain in charge of the coffee side of things and will serve as vice-chairman and director of the new merger company. Prior to his CEO position at Tim Hortons, Caira served as Global CEO of Nestle Professional, leading an organization of 10,000 employees in approximately 100 countries.
  4. Costa Coffee CEO Dominic Paul – Dominic Paul was responsible for expanding the Royal Caribbean’s international business, and he is expected to serve the same purpose for Costa Coffee and push ahead with global expansion of the company. He is a relatively new CEO of the company, taking the place of Christopher Rogers, who stepped down in 2016.
  5. McCafé CEO Stephen Easterbrook – Having only served as CEO since 2015, Easterbrook has previously served as Financial Reporting Manager in London, Global Chief Brand Officer, President of McDonald’s Europe and CEO of McDonald’s UK. He is responsible for rescuing McDonald’s from its largest slump in over a decade. This may be due in part to the fact that he made all-day breakfast a reality.
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