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10 Ways Starbucks Keeps Their Customers Coming Back

1.    Quality espresso

  • Most stores have upgraded to the Swiss-made Mastrena, designed to make a high-quality espresso shot.

2.    Fresh coffee

  • Starbucks never serves coffee that has been sitting for longer than 30 minutes.

3.    Customized coffee

  • The chain claims to serve 87,000 different drink combinations.

4.    Time efficient

  • With two registers and a full staff, Starbucks can accommodate 220 customers per hour.

5.    Consistency of brand delivery

  • Starbucks baristas undergo over 30 hours of training on everything from techniques to the origins of coffee beans.

6.    Best coffee

  •  Select stores have the top-of-the-line single-brew Clover coffee machine.

7.    Good culture

  • A healthy corporate benefits package offers health insurance for baristas who work at least 20 hours per week.

8.     Convenience

  • Customers can pay with their smart phone and can earn stars that will go towards free drink and free food awards.

9.    Internet service

  • Starbucks provides free WiFi, with no restriction on laptop use.

10. Efficiency

  • Starbucks makes it a goal to get each customer in and out in 3 minutes.
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