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4 New Areas Amazon is Entering

…and possibly taking over!


  1. Groceries. Amazon is beginning to move into the grocery market with programs such as Prime Pantry and a checkout-free brick-and-mortar grocery store called Amazon Go. Pantry allows Amazon Prime members to fill up a “box” with household goods and have it shipped to their doors within two days. Customers at Amazon Go use an Amazon Go app to have the products they plan to buy automatically added to a digital shopping cart from which they can check out without waiting in a checkout line.


  1. Advertising. In 2016, Amazon brought in $1.5 billion from its “other category” which includes its advertising sector. This category alone is already larger than almost every other internet company. Watch out, Facebook and Google!


  1. Entertainment. Amazon has added access to innumerable shows and movies when you subscribe to Amazon Prime, creating serious competition for entertainment giants Hulu and Netflix.


  1. Health care and pharmaceuticals. Amazon recently announced the formation of a new health care company that will focus on using technology to provide more simple and higher quality health care for employees and their families. In addition, shares in CVS Health and Walgreens have both dropped since the news that Amazon may enter the prescription drug market, with its acquisition of PillPack.
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