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5 Stats on the U.S. Coffee Market

  1. Approximately 150 million Americans drink 400 million cups of coffee per day– more than 140 billion cups per year– making America the global leader of coffee consumption.
  2. According to the Huffington Post, 31% of coffee drinkers consider coffee the most important and first part of their morning routine, and 52% would forgo their morning shower if necessary to make time for their coffee.
  3. According to the National Coffee Association (NCA), the U.S. coffee market has an estimated retail value of $48 billion.
  4. Specialty coffees represent a 37% volume share of the U.S. coffee market and are considered the highest quality coffee in the world, according to the Specialty Coffee Association of America. As more efforts go into producing specialty coffees, sales of such comprise a nearly 50% value share of the U.S. coffee market retail value.
  5. In 2018, roast coffee is estimated to amount to $9.62 billion in revenue and instant coffee is estimated at $3.31 billion in revenue. U.S. sales are predicted to remain overall stagnant and these revenue amounts fairly unchanged between now and 2021, according to Statistica.
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