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3 Thoughts on Business Development From Rick Levin, Founder and President of Rick Levin and Associates, Inc.

Question One: Please introduce yourself, including what you do.

I am the Founder and President of Rick Levin and Associates, Inc., a real estate and personal property auction company that I founded in 1991.

Question Two: What are your top 3 tips for successful business development?

For me, business development was always about three things, 1) working hard, 2) persevering and 3) integrity/honesty in the workplace as I deal with clients and customers. I always attempted to find high profile clients that would help me impress upon others that we could be entrusted with their assets to sell.

We have served clients such as The US Justice Department, various Courts, The US Army, the IRS, The State of Illinois, Bank of America, Chase, McDonald’s Restaurants, the FDIC, and hundreds of other clients who could depend on us to carry out work assignments with integrity and professionalism.

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