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3 Thoughts on Business Development From Larry Nail, Chief Development Officer at LCN Executive Healthcare Group, LLC

Question One: Please introduce yourself, including what you do.

Larry Nail, who has completed in excess of $1 Billion of healthcare transactions, has over 20 years of experience in healthcare mergers and acquisitions and business development. His main areas of expertise in the healthcare services area are renal dialysis centers, ambulatory surgery centers, transitional care facilities, urgent care centers and DSO’s. The majority of the deals completed were joint ventures or Denovo opportunities. He is the President and Founder of LCN Executive Healthcare Group, LLC. This company focuses on working with private equity and healthcare companies with opportunities to make investments in healthcare businesses such as urgent care centers, surgical centers and outpatient dialysis centers as well as grow existing healthcare businesses as it relates to the outpatient setting.

Question Two: What are your top 3 tips for successful business development?

1. Not every deal is a good deal and some of my best deals were deals that I did not do.

2. Very important to not get drawn into a large EBITDA number without firstly making sure it is a good cultural fit for the company and that there is great buy-in by the potential client to the thesis of the company.

3. Ask a lot of questions but listen more to the client and customize your approach to their particular needs. Make it more about them than you but at the same time to ensure that the deal is accretive to the company.

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