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3 Thoughts on Business Development From Paul Sweetow, Clinical Social Worker, Creator of Student Life Skills

Question One: Please introduce yourself, including what you do.

My name is Paul Sweetow. I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, World Champion Karate Competitor, and creator of Student Life Skills – a business that provides life skills to students grades K – 5 formed in response to school shootings/violence (currently endorsed by professors from Northwestern University and The University of Chicago). Student Life Skills is one of the most bold and daring undertakings in the history of businesses. To affect a macro change in the life skill mindset of the general population of our youth has never been achieved. But, it will be. My launch is February, 2019. You can check out my websites below for more information but, will be live in mid-January. I also consult with high level athletes and CEOs using my unique Warrior Peak Performance model that I developed.

Question Two: What are your top 3 tips for successful business development?

1. The leader must have a Warrior Mindset; I can expound on that in much greater detail if you’re interested.

2. The Business must understand their customer’s needs and provide perceived value that is beyond the purchase price; that includes a top-notch service/goods plus ongoing customer care.

3. The business can’t be personality driven and rely on any one person for any one role, but rather be system oriented – have clear job titles, descriptions, and operational instructions – then plug in a qualified person to fit those criteria. Employees come and go, a business that relies on any one dynamic personality is vulnerable.

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