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3 Thoughts on Business Growth and Development From Steve Norehad, Sales and Marketing Professional

Question One: Please introduce yourself, including what you do.

Single. Three kids, Jack, Peter and Margot…all teenagers which is really fun
most of the time. Love my kids and, Family is the foundation of everything.
Career — Sectors: Direct Marketing, Digital Marketing, Software Development, Enterprise Resource Planning and currently Customer Experience. Reputation Management across the healthcare sector: Vein, Derm, Laser/Skin, Vision, hospital/ASC service line business etc.

Question Two: What are your top 3 tips for successful business growth and development?

1. Preparation and a clear message from management with clear guidelines and
• Be a team player

2. Business doesn’t happen in a vacuum, it requires transparent and honest
communication delivered professionally and with respect for that person:
• Fear based management styles do not promote the best outcomes.
• For both new and experienced reps positive mentoring not only helps the
business but the employee grows personally and professional – leads to greater

3. Stick to a sales process:
• Keep it simple BANT. Budget, Authority, Need and Timing.
• Simple measurements. Sales reps don’t mind CRM reporting and they
should provide detailed call reporting and forecasts. Don’t over engineer it,
they are supposed to sell not do admin. It’s not worth doing if it can’t be
• Discovery and understanding are the first steps in the sales cycle.
• Don’t sell, listen and look for openings where you can dip your toe in the
water. Find “The hook” that will increase your odds of winning business.
• Be creative with solutions but don’t reach to far outside of what is doable
unless the financial benefit outweighs the risk. Then manage the risk.

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