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3 Thoughts on Business Growth From Justin Breen, Founder, CEO of BrEpic Communications LLC

Question One: Please introduce yourself, including what you do.

My name is Justin Breen, and I am Founder/CEO of BrEpic Communications LLC — a PR firm that writes stories for its clients and pitches those stories to media locally, regionally, nationally and internationally. I’ve been in business about 18 months, and the company has had tremendous growth — running campaigns for businesses and brands like Allstate, University of Illinois, Salvation Army, McCormick Foundation, The Chicago Academy for the Arts, Burwood Group, Quintessa Aesthetic Center and many, many more. Examples of BrEpic’s successes can be found at

Question Two: What are your top 3 tips for successful business growth?

1. Throughout the process of developing BrEpic, I’ve met with successful entrepreneurs to hear how they’ve grown their businesses. The single best advice was to focus on what you are good at and what you like to do. I genuinely enjoy writing stories for my clients and also love the pitching process to media. BrEpic has been successful because of this proven model, which I’ve honed and crafted through time, and doubling down on continually trying to improve it. And it’s just fun!

2. Make sure to have a structure of family, friends and trusted entrepreneurs behind you. My wife, Sarah, has been critical in helping me vent, make decisions and give me someone to lean on during the times when BrEpic was growing. My father-in-law, Arnee, is a trusted financial advisor and CPA — and his advice has been crucial in helping me build this business. I also have joined several groups — ProVisors being the best — that puts like-minded, positive individuals together. It’s extremely important to have this network. A good friend, Quinton James, always says “Your Network Equals Your Net Worth,” and he’s right!

3. It’s OK to say no to money. If you know a client won’t be a good fit, don’t sign with them. If they won’t pay you what you know you are worth, don’t back down. It’s OK to say no to money — and better in the long run for both the business and client if you say no at the beginning. I love working with all of the BrEpic clients because they understand the value of what BrEpic does, and they are dreamers and hard workers like me!

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