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3 Thoughts on Business Improvement From Ron Morris, Senior Supervising Attorney for RevClaims

Question One: Please introduce yourself, including what you do.

I am currently the Senior Supervising Attorney for RevClaims. Additionally, I am a part of our strategy team for the company. This role enlarges the scope of view outside of the traditional attorney capacity and allows me to step into the business development side of things. Also, I write articles related to business obstacles and how to achieve success. I have linked some of my favorite ones to this email.

Question Two: What are your top 3 tips for successful business improvement?

1. For a business to thrive, there has to be a constant thorough review of current processes. This evaluation must be objective. To provide progression brilliance, leadership must be willing to act on the areas that need improvement. Change can be scary to some members of the business. However, without introspection and innovation, a company will likely wither away or never achieve the true potential.

2. Building trust relationships with client/consumers is key to having sustained growth and profitability. Success is extremely correlated with getting everyone involved in your product/service to develop a trust bond. Trust should be a cornerstone of every operation and be treated with the fragility of a thin glass vase. Providing more and showing that you are truly the expert in your space will help nurture a trust environment.

3. I believe it is an added benefit to becoming a thought leader in your space or in an area that people want to grow/learn. Developing a good online presence or creating attention grabbing articles will help prove your expertise in your area. In my opinion, these articles and activity does not need to come across as a sales pitch but informative. Additionally, finding the right cadence of posting and interaction on internet platforms will help ensure that your message is heard. Over posting will likely dilute your effectiveness.

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