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3 Thoughts on Team Leadership From Jessica Cole, President, CEO of Becker’s Healthcare

Question One: Please introduce yourself, including what you do.

Jessica Cole – President and CEO of Becker’s Healthcare. I lead a healthcare media and events company along with an awesome team here in Chicago, IL. We are very focused in five core niches: Hospital and Health System Leadership, Health IT, Clinical Leadership, Surgery Centers and Spine. Many years ago we decided we needed to win and be absolutely excellent in digital and events. We have six great nationwide conferences that all take place in Chicago and nearly 200,000 readers a day that are on our websites and engaging with our newsletters.

Question Two: What are your top 3 tips for leading a team?

1. Focus on where you want to be great and where you purposely don’t want to be great.

2. Set obtainable mini goals and celebrate those wins. Continue to push on a daily basis — good is never good enough. Constantly move the bar up for all and yourself as the leader.

3. Simplify, simplify, simplify. If you cannot explain it to a ten year old — then you really don’t know it yourself. Constantly communicate the goals, have daily metrics that the entire team sees so we all know where we stand and how we are performing. There is complete clarity on these and everyone knows what we are trying to accomplish and what our purpose and mission is each and every day.

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