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4 Quotes, Reactions to the FDA’s Proposed Ban on Flavored E-Cigarets

1. “Federal regulators want to ban the sale of most flavored e-cigarettes at retail locations like gas stations and convenience stores and require anyone buying e-cigarettes online to verify their age.”
-National Public Radio.

2. “FDA officials told The Wall Street Journal on Thursday the actions are expected to be announced as early as next week. The move is an attempt to curb what many are saying is an epidemic of underage vaping … The new policy will apply to flavored cartridge-style vaping products like Juul that have become popular among youths, not the open tank-style systems sold in vape shops and mostly used by adults, officials said.”
-Fox 13.

3. “The incredible specificity of these new rules is a way for the FDA to balance vaping’s potential harm to teens with the need to make safer cigarette alternatives available for people who already smoke. It’s an intricate, complicated maneuver aimed at protecting two separate groups whose best interests are at odds. Essentially, the FDA is trying to use federal law to solve a mango-flavored trolley problem.”
-Amanda Mull, The Atlantic.

4. “But depending on how the ban unfolds, it could also be a major win for Big Tobacco … Juul is independent of Big Tobacco companies, unlike brands like Blu, Vuse, and MarkTen. And pulling flavored vape cartridges from convenience store shelves is unlikely to hit Big Tobacco in the pocketbook, [professor of economics specializing in tobacco, Jidong] Huang says. After all, tobacco giant Altria decided to yank its flavored products even before The Washington Post’s scoop. ‘It’s not because they are pro-public health; it’s because it doesn’t affect their bottom line,’ Huang says. ‘It’s very likely that this ban is going to benefit the tobacco industry overall.’”
-Rachel Becker, The Verge.

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