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Black Friday is Changing: Online Shopping, Earlier Deals Make Black Friday Feel Different — 6 Points

1. Black Friday is still the busiest shopping day of the year, but the way consumers purchase discounted items is evolving. Behind consumers desires to spend time with their families and give retailers a rest, Black Friday shopping looks different now than it did in the past.

2. First, the age of long lines and bulldozing into stores is diminishing. Stores that drew the largest lines, like Toys “R” Us, are now closed.

3. Additionally, shoppers are purchasing more goods online rather than in stores. Most big ticket items don’t sell until “Cyber Monday,” lessening a lot of the foot traffic and re-directing shoppers to future online purchases.

4. In fact, in a recent survey of 2,000 people, “60 percent planned to skip in-person Black Friday shopping this year.” Most of these people said this move to online shopping is, at least in part, a result of shipping deals.

5. Also, the window for Black Friday shopping is widening. Discounts are starting earlier in November, giving consumers an earlier option to purchase items.

6. Overall, while Black Friday sales totaled $23 billion and increased from last year, the method that consumers purchase discounted items is evolving — Black Friday looks and feels different than it has in the past.


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