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Black Friday Sales To Top $23 Billion, Up Around 10 Percent From Last Year — 5 Things to Know

1. Retailers did well both online and in stores on Black Friday under a healthy economy and rising wages.

2. Specifically, shoppers spent $643 million by 10 a.m. ET, which is up 28 percent from last year.

3. Smartphones were the big seller on Friday, leading the way in online sales. Consumers also were lured by deals on big-ticket items like TV’s, iPads and Watches, expensive toys, and gaming consoles.

4. Overall Black Friday sales are expected to top $23 billion this year. Those sales are more than the $21 billion from last year, and “online spending is on track to hit $6.4 billion on Friday.”

5. According to a Reuters/Ipsos poll, 38 percent of Americans participated in Black Friday shopping.


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