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Federal Judge Reinstates CNN’s Jim Acosta with White House Credential After CNN Sued Trump Administration — 7 Points

1. On Friday, Judge Timothy J. Kelly ordered the Trump administration to reinstate CNN White House correspondent Jim Acosta with his credential. Last week, the administration removed Acosta’s credential, which allows him access to the White House Grounds, after what they deemed inappropriate conduct during press conference. CNN sued.

2. Judge Kelly stated that the administrations barring of Acosta “is still so shrouded in mystery.” Kelly said that the government could not even tell him who made the decision to remove Acosta’s credential.

3. Kelly officially ruled that “taking away the pass that gave Mr. Acosta access to the White House amounted to a violation of his right to a fair and transparent process.”

4. After the ruling, Trump stated that he and the White House would review and tighten rules regarding journalists behavior during White House press conferences: “People have to behave. If they don’t listen to the rules and regulations, we’ll end up back in court, and we will win.”

5. While CNN and journalists are happy about the immediate victory, many believe that this legal battle is going to continue. “This could backfire. [Acosta] gets his credential now, but it empowers the Trump administration to come up with conduct-based criteria,” William L. Youmans, a professor of media law at George Washington University, said.

6. Youmans added, “A ‘rudeness’ or ‘aggressive behavior’ policy would have a huge chilling effect, and would be much more damaging to the whole system.”

7. All in all, the decision reads as follows: “This ruling is not saying that what Acosta did was the right thing or the wrong thing. The judge ruled that the president can’t revoke his credentials without due process: a statement of what he did wrong, an opportunity to respond, a final decision,” said Nancy Gertner, a former federal judge.


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