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Google Changes Sexual Harassment, Misconduct Policy In Response to Walkout by 20,000 Employees — 5 Points

1. After 20,000 Google employees across the globe, a group called Google Walkout For Real Change, staged a walkout last week, the company announced on Thursday that it would “end its practice of forced arbitration for claims of sexual harassment or assault.”

2. The workers specifically called for an end to arbitration, amongst other demands.

3. Google will also change its reporting process for harassment and assault. This will include more transparency and communication about reported incidents as well as docked reviews if workers do not complete sexual harassment training.

4. In an email to his staff Thursday, Sundar Pichai wrote, “as C.E.O., I take this responsibility very seriously and I’m committed to making the changes we need to improve. We will make arbitration optional for individual sexual harassment and sexual assault claims.”

5. Google Walkout For Real Change responded, saying, “These forms of marginalization function together to police access to power and resources. Sexual harassment is the symptom, not the cause. If we want to end sexual harassment in the workplace, we must fix these structural imbalances of power.”


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