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Mark Zuckerberg Holds Videoconference with Employees in Attempt to Review Criticism, Boost Worker Morale — 6 Points

1. On Friday, Mark Zuckerberg held a question-and-answer session with his employees in which he “fiercely” defended his company. Specifically, he was “pushing back against criticism” outlined by the New York Times regarding how the company reacted to Russian influence operations.

2. The meeting was a videoconference that lasted an hour and was broadcasted to Facebook offices worldwide. The question-and-answer session was private.

3. Zuckerberg and his employees discussed 1) Facebooks behavior over the last 18 months and 2) “how it should handle leaks to the media.”

4. Mostly, Zuckerberg wanted to make it clear that Facebook has not tried to cover up anything. This message, according to unnamed employees on the broadcast, was taken well by many workers, including with “muted applause and cheers.”

5. Additionally, the meeting was designed to boost employee morale during a time of immense criticism. Elliot Schrage, Facebook’s former vice president of global communications and public policy, “urged workers to keep trying to do their best and work on the company’s tough problems” on the call.

6. Facebook, and Zuckerberg, believes news outlets, especially the New York Times, is treating the company unfairly. For now, though, they think that with increased morale, many of the companies problems will turn around.

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