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President Macron Less Popular Than President Trump — 3 Stats, Quotes

Emmanuel Macron. This is down 4 percent from last month. More specifically, 4 percent of respondents said they are “very satisfied” with Macron’s work, and 21 percent are “mostly satisfied.”

2. President Trump’s approval rating, on the other hand, is 47 percent, according to a new American Barometer poll taken a week after the midterms.

3. “What makes the contrast between Trump’s and Macron’s fortunes so striking is that the two presidents have so much in common. Both found electoral success by breaking free of their own side: Macron from the left and Trump from mainstream Republicanism; they both moved beyond the old left-right divide. Both realized that we were seeing the disappearance of the old western middle class.”
-Christophe Guilluy, The Guardian.

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