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Should the Press Boycott Trump?: 4 Quotes

1. No — “The more they personalize this, the more it becomes a fight between the press and the president, as opposed to the press doing its job. When they are covering the story, as opposed to being the story, they’re on firmer ground.”
-Anita Dunn, Democratic strategist.

2. Yes — “They don’t need to cover a man who is picking fights with them for the purpose of turning out his base. It should be about the Justice Department and trying to thwart the Russia investigation.”
-Stephanie Cutter, Democratic Strategist.

3. No — “It’s not about them, and they obsessively make it about them, and it’s not, and that’s step one. Now they’ll say, ‘How can we respect it when he doesn’t?’ O.K., that’s his problem. You showing it respect further elevates you above him, instead of being dragged down to his level.”
-Jim Dyke, Former Strategist for the Republican National Committee.

4. Yes — “[A boycott of the White House press briefings should] at least be on the table. What they should say is the press briefing is conditioned and premised on the ability of a free press to hold government accountable.”
-Steve Schmidt, Former Republican Presidential Strategist.


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