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The Business of Pot — 4 Quotes

1. “Put arguments for and against legalization aside for a moment. If people could use marijuana—without fear of legal consequence—just how much would get used? More to the point, how much money is at stake? … Economists, reformists, law enforcement authorities and the pro-marijuana lobby, however, have come up with a variety of estimates. Put them all together and you get a range of $10 billion to over $120 billion a year.”
-Ariel Nelson, CNBC.

2. “The 40 newly licensed medical marijuana dispensaries around the state are facing a shortage of pot from licensed growers, meaning some may have to shut their doors until spring. Michigan so far has licensed only 12 marijuana growers. From the time of planting to usable product, it takes between four to six months — and since the growers didn’t start getting licensed until August, an abundant supply of marijuana from them won’t be available until next year. That could create hardships both for patients, as well as for business owners and their employees.”
-Kathleen Gray, Detroit Free Press.

3. “It could be a $146 billion sector in less than a decade, but for investors whose interest has been piqued by cannabis stocks, there is still no reason to rush into the publicly traded companies. For the first time since Canada legalized recreational cannabis, pot stocks are reporting earnings. While cannabis company revenue is up, share prices continue to come down.”
-Bryan Borzykowski, CNBC.

4. “Marijuana is all the buzz in Las Vegas in November with the MJBIZCON bringing in over 20-thousand cannabis pros from around the world.  Part of their mission?  Making their business, your business. 13 Investigates uncovers a new opportunity for potpreneurs. Millions and millions of dollars, even a billion … As part of that, some dispensaries may soon be as commonly branded as some of the best known American icons like McDonald’s, 7-Eleven or Ace Hardware as the industry continues to grow like a weed.”
-Darcy Spears, Action 13 News.

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