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Thoughts on Running for Chicago Alderwoman with Leslie Fox

Question One: Please introduce yourself, including what you do.

My name is Leslie Fox. I am a mother, business woman, education activist and work part-time leading current event discussions for seniors at their group residencies. (Please check out my linked in account and also my web site at

Question Two: Why are you running for alderwoman? 

I believe the current status quo is not good enough and the 43rd Ward along with the City of Chicago is hurting. My 25 years plus of working both in the public and private sector provide me with the unique skill-set to get things done and I have a track record of success. Crime, taxes, congestion, lack of planning have become out of control. We need change and I can bring that change. There will be no learning curve when elected since I know the ins and outs of City Hall and will be able to get a running start on day one.

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