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Victims of California “Camp Fire” are Suing PG&E for Negligence, Causing the Catastrophe — 5 Points

1. Starting last Thursday, a wildfire barreled through northern California, wiping out most of Brutte County, which is just north of Sacremento. This is the most deadly fire in California history, killing what is now up to 50 people.

2. On Tuesday, the victims of the fire have filed a lawsuit against PG&E Corp, a natural gas company headquartered in San Fransisco, claiming negligence as well as health and safety code violations. Specifically, “the lawsuit alleged that PG&E failed to properly maintain, repair and replace its equipment” and that the companies behavior was ‘the cause of the ‘Camp Fire.’’”

3. The lawsuit, which is seeking damages, was filed in an Francisco County Superior Court by three law firms. The group of firms is collectively called Northern California Fire Lawyers.

4. PG&E responded to the lawsuit, stating, “It’s important to remember that the cause [of the “Camp Fire”] has yet to be determined. Right now, our primary focus is on the communities, supporting first responders and getting our crews positioned and ready to respond when we get access, so that we can safely restore gas and electricity to our customers.”

5. PG&E stock is down 22.8 percent at $25.25. The lawsuit is ongoing.


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