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With Shrinking Viewership for Entertainment Programming, What Shows Still Get Watched?: 7 Points

1. The way television is being consumed is continuing to change. Specifically, “Viewership for entertainment programming on the broadcast networks continues to fall” as a result of streaming from Netflix, Hulu, Amazon and other services.

2. In fact, viewership for network shows has decreased 10 percent this season amongst adults of 50 years or younger.

3. Outside of football, which consistently brings high ratings, there is major fluctuation between which shows garner viewership.

4. Specifically, reboots are becoming unreliable, with some remakes doing well and other struggling. “Will & Grace,” for example, has already lost half its audience from 2017, while “The Conners,” even without Roseanne Barr, is doing well.

5. Overall, the viewership for late night shows are shrinking, but they still hold a strong audience. The battle between “The Late Show With Stephen Colbert” and “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” is helping CBS and NBC keep viewers.

6. Reality TV, on the other hand, is shrinking quickly. “The Voice,” on NBC, is still a top 10 show (just barely, though), but viewership for “Dancing With the Stars” has decreased 31 percent and “Shark Tank” has decreased 33 percent.

7. Medical Dramas, however, are still doing well behind “9-1-1” and “New Amsterdam.”


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