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Amazon Looks to Move Checkout-Free Stores Into Airports — 6 Things to Know

1. Amazon is creating the future in airports. According to public records, Amazon is looking to bring additional checkout-free stores to airports. This is in an attempt to sell products to time-pressed travelers. 

2. Amazing has been creating and developing checkout-free stores for months. Customers enter the store by scanning their phone, cameras identify what items were taken from the shelves, and “when shoppers are finished, they simply leave the store and Amazon bills their credit cards on file.”

3. Seven checkout-free stores have been created by Amazon since January, located in Chicago, San Francisco, and Seattle. 

4. Currently, Amazon is “evaluating top U.S. airports for new locations.”

5. There are, however, concerns that Amazon faces in putting these stores into airports: 1) Workers would have to get clearances to “staff concessions” after they go through security. 2) Stores in busy sections of popular airports are expensive to lease. 3) “Many airports are publicly run and require would-be concessionaires to put in public bids for retail space.”

6. Still, many airports, like Dallas Fort Worth International Airport, are working hard to gain an Amazon Go location. There is no announcement yet regarding how close Amazon and various airports are to landing a deal.
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