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Holiday Shop Early: It May Be Harder to Find Toys This Year Without Toys R Us — 5 Points

1. In the wake of the closing Toys R Us, it will likely be more difficult to find the most popular toys at retail stores this holiday season. Toys R Us was “America’s only nationwide specialty retailer dedicated to toys.”

2. Toys R Us wild purchase toys in December because the company could spread the sale of those toys into January, February, and beyond. Other retailers, however, can’t buy an excess of toys in December because they won’t sell in the following months.

3. Target, Best Buy, and Walmart have announced plans to expand their toy sections for the holiday season. Still, these companies can’t buy the amount of toys that Toys R Us did, as their “focus inevitably shifts” away from toys after the holiday season.

4. Now, with a lack of accessibility to popular toys that are already being purchased. Isaac Larian, CEO of toy company MGA Entertainment, said, “A lot of scalpers buy these and charge people two to three times more.”

5. Larian added, “We try to make sure to ship enough goods that [scalping] doesn’t happen, but [popular toys are] selling more than we expected.” It is likely that many will not be able to find their favorite toys in the coming weeks before the holidays.


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