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Power Struggle in Wisconsin: Republicans Approve Limiting Power of Incoming Democratic Governor — 5 Quotes

1. “After a rancorous, sleepless night of debate, Republican lawmakers early Wednesday pushed through a sweeping set of bills that will limit the power of Wisconsin’s newly elected Democrats, including the incoming governor and attorney general. The legislation, which Democrats vehemently opposed and protesters chanted their anger over, passed through the Republican-held State Legislature after hours of closed-door meetings and some amendments. The votes fell largely along party lines; no Democrats supported the measures.”
-Mitch Smith, The New York Times.

2. “That’s what this is about: power-hungry politicians using their grubby hands in their last-ditch effort to desperately cling to power. All we’ve seen demonstrated today and over the past few days is a contempt for the public.”
-Katrina Shankland, Democratic State Representative.

3. “It provides more opportunity for oversight for a coequal branch of government.”
-Romaine Quinn, Republican State Representative.

4. “Is this democracy at work? Is this an example of elected representatives working for the citizens and taxpayers of Wisconsin? It looks more like party leaders trying arrogantly to hold onto as much power as they can for themselves and the special interests that finance their campaign attack ads.”
-Editorial, The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

5. “We’re going to work with the governor-elect, but we’re going to do it in a way that’s balanced between the legislative and administrative level.”
-John Nygren, Republican State Representative.

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